Kindergartner Signs Contract to Teach

Members of the Denton Independent School District’s Human Resources Dept. presented Brenden Flowers, a kindergartener in Mrs. Stephanie McNeely’s class, with an ‘intent to hire’ form in front of his entire grade this morning at Evers Park Elementary School. “This means that when Mr. Flowers completes college and his teaching certification, we will extend to him a contract for employment to teach, and in today’s market that translates into earning $51,000 per year,” said Dr. Richard Valenta, deputy superintendent. “In 2033 when he’s scheduled to graduate, we don’t know for sure, but we believe teaching will pay considerably more.” Under the umbrella of TEACH Denton, the district seeks out and identifies students, even as young as kindergarten, who exhibit natural talents and traits used in teaching. The program works with students of all ages who enjoy tutoring or leading class projects to cultivate the idea of pursuing a career in education. “With $51,000 I could buy a lot of toys,” said Mr. Flowers, Denton ISD’s newest teaching prospect. “That’s a lot of Voltron.”

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